Doctor Whooch

In which parents are terrible.

On this week's show, The Sarah Jane Adventures continue with the Series 1 two parter, Eye of the Gorgon. Brandon and Danica talk about evil space nuns (?) and how Maria's mom is the worst. Or probably second worst. They also mention they should have Paul as a guest on the show. And they did! Two weeks ago! Time travel is fun.

Outro music is "Eye of the Tiger" by Paul Anka


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In which Brandon is a jerk. (But what ELSE is new.)

Our eclectic 13th season of Doctor Whooch rolls on with a brand new Companions episode, featuring Paul Gifford of Drink This Pod! Danica and Brandon and Paul watch "Vincent and the Doctor" from Matt Smith's first season, and WOW is there a lot of feelings in there. Depression sucks, folks! And reach out if you need to.

Outro music is "Why Do You Feel So Down" by Declan McKenna


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