Doctor Whooch

In which we have a guest and get drunker than ever before. EVER. BEFORE.

In this week's special BONUS SIZED episode, we have Moneyballah$ co-host Cody F. Schmidt on the show, thus completing our collection of two out of two of the Moneyballah$. Also, we talk about everything. And I mean everything, except for maybe this week's episode of Doctor Who. (Actually, we talk a little bit about that. Sometimes.) But for the most part, we delve into musical theatre (a little) and an untold amount of slurry tangents that get subsequently weirder and weirder until we stop.

Oh, and we wore costumes! Awesome, right? You're jealous. You know you are.  

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This week's episode was recorded live in Banff the day after we got married because we're adults. Want to hear our thoughts on "Flatline"? There's some of that in there. Want some details about our wedding and how we met? That's in there too. Want to hear about one and not the other? Well, tough, you're going to get both, and you're going to like it. Or, you're going to fast forward through some bits and/or turn off the podcast, because WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE, trying to tell you what you can and can not listen to. This isn't the 60s anymore, mom.

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In which Clara's life decisions make us sad. And that's coming from a pair of people who do a drunk Doctor Who podcast.

This week, there's a "Mummy on the Orient Express", which is cool. Also, it's in space, so double cool. The Doctor once again wisks Clara off on an adventure and is kind of a dick about it. But hey, this is their last adventure together, and they can quit at any time, right??? RIGHT??? Hmm.

Oh and there's tequila.

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In which there are glitter kittens and beard slaps!

This week we watched KILL THE MOON in which the moon may or may not have been killed. It's a mystery! That is solved by watching that episode of Doctor Who. Also: lots of white dudes die and misandry is enjoyed by all. TEAM CLARA 4 LYFE!

Outro music is "Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)" by Iggy Azalea



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In which there is no basket of kittens. WHY IS THERE NEVER A BASKET OF KITTENS?

We're halfway through this series and more than halfway into the bottle, which is pretty apparent by the time Brandon starts going full fake Irish when attempting a Scottish accent. He doesn't apologize. We also watch "The Caretaker", the Series 8, Episode 6 of the show, and we like it, which is good. Rompsare fun, kids! More romps in the midst of the episodes that are dour as hell! Thaaaaaaaanks.

Outro music is "Danger Zone" by Gwen Stefani


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