Doctor Whooch

In which Brandon got so drunk he's forgotten everything that's happened in this episode. So.

This week, we dig into more Torchwood, starting with "Something Borrowed" and barrelling right into "From Out Of The Rain". They eventually get around to talking about them, but slur wildly off into comics talk and how to socialize without books. Oh and Brandon goes off on some wild tangents, and Danica just let's it happen, because it's funnier that way. 

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In which we are the least safe for work. So.

It's an all Craig episode this round, as Brandon and Danica celebrate the grand opening of their comic shop (Variant Edition in Edmonton, Alberta) by drinking way too much and reading Doctor Who slash fic. Oh, and they also watch the two Craig episodes - The Lodger (Series 5, Episode 11) and Closing Time (Series 6, Episode 12).

But seriously folks, maybe don't listen to this one around people. For reasons.

Outro music is "Closing Time" by Supersonic


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