Doctor Whooch

In which we swear a bunch and nobody has any problems with anyone or anything on the show. Yup.

On this week's show, we're talking about the series 8 episode "Into the Dalek" and Brandon does a MadLibs by himself, and it's horrible. HORRIBLE. We also learn about space, maybe, and things get mega adoraballs. Oh, and we get really mad at Moffat and then try to rap with him with some real talk, which almost definitely works.

We'll see you next week for SERIES 9 WHAT.

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In which we revisit the day we got engaged, with cursing.

First: EXCITING NEWS! Doctor Whooch will be weekly through the end of Series 9, and that's going to be a thing.

Now: as we count down to the premiere of Series 9, we're revisiting the first episode of Series 8: Deep Breath. And guess what. We have Moffat opinions. Also, we search for The Master slash fic (but generally forget to finish that quest), find out that we're not good with boats, and Danica swears at the cats and generally can't say words or names.

And hey, tune in next week for what's essentially the second part of this episode - and then it's straight on to NEW WHO. YESSSSSS.

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In which The Doctor and Rose end up on a space station, and absolutely nothing goes wrong.

On this week's episode, Brandon and Danica head back to their roots, and fix a part of Brandon that's broken. Mainly, the fact that he seemingly skipped an entire disc of David Tennant's run on Doctor Who. To that end, they watch episodes 8 and 9 of Series 2: "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit" and now Brandon is almost whole again. All he needs to do is see "Love and Monsters" which he has been warned will be a thing. So there's that.

Also? Some Bojack Horseman talk, because that show is stunningly good, and gives us all the feels. ALL OF THEM. Enjoy!

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They're not what you think.

On this week's show, things are happening. TERRIBLE THINGS! Or I guess more accurately, drunk things. First, Danica and Brandon watch "The Idiot's Lantern" (Series 2, Episode 7) where the Doctor and Rose fight an HBO show, I guess? Then it's straight onto "The Doctor's Daughter" (Series 4, Episode 6) where we contemplate the meta story and almost break our pickled brains.

Sex stuff will happen.

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In which we get drunk and are surprised when Torchwood makes us sad and angry again.

On this week's show Danica and Brandon watch the final episode of Torchwood Series 2 (Exit Wounds) and the 3rd episode of Series 2 of Doctor Who (School Reunion) and end up talking about female agency and empowerment and how both Moffat and Davies both haven't been the best at that. They also share a story about the first time Brandon watched School Reunion, and how he knew Danica was the one. Yup, there's a pretty big swing in this episode. Because we're ballers, you guys.

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In which there's more Torchwood, and so there is more drinking.

So hey, sometimes you keep watching Torchwood and it makes you really sad. But you're also drunk, so it's kind of okay? Brandon and Danica almost make their way to the end of Series Two with episode 11 ("Adrift") and Episode 12 ("Fragments"). Everybody's under bricks!

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In which we destroy any goodwill we had with this episode title. Hiiiiiieeeeeeee! (waves)

On this week's episode, Danica and Brandon talk about Mila Kunis and space bees, we think. It's a bit blurry. And a lot slurry. Also: Ray Romano impressions, THE MASTER, and uh... oh. Yes. We watched "The Sound of Drums" and "Last of the Timelords", and Brandon didn't fall asleep this time. YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB, BRANDON.

Outro music is "Voodoo Child" by Rogue Traders


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This week, Danica and Brandon are drinking Captain Jacks in honour of Captain Jack, and watching some Martha Jones episodes - 42 and Utopia. What happens next, will surprise you.

Actually, it won't. They get drunk and talk about the episode while Brandon fights off sleep like a champ. We're terrible at clickbait.

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In which we sit in an empty apartment, and say good-bye. To the apartment. We will probably never stop getting drunk and watching Doctor Who. So.

In this week's episode, we watched "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday", which included not-Martha Jones and a good-bye to Rose Tyler. It was awesome, and we got all of the feels pretty hard. We also slur through what we think the difference between Moffet twists and Davis twists are, so that's a thing too. Also, cats? Maybe! Mad Max? Also probably! We were drunk, you'll probably remember more than we do.

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In which Brandon got so drunk he's forgotten everything that's happened in this episode. So.

This week, we dig into more Torchwood, starting with "Something Borrowed" and barrelling right into "From Out Of The Rain". They eventually get around to talking about them, but slur wildly off into comics talk and how to socialize without books. Oh and Brandon goes off on some wild tangents, and Danica just let's it happen, because it's funnier that way. 

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