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In which parents are terrible.

On this week's show, The Sarah Jane Adventures continue with the Series 1 two parter, Eye of the Gorgon. Brandon and Danica talk about evil space nuns (?) and how Maria's mom is the worst. Or probably second worst. They also mention they should have Paul as a guest on the show. And they did! Two weeks ago! Time travel is fun.

Outro music is "Eye of the Tiger" by Paul Anka


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In which Brandon is a jerk. (But what ELSE is new.)

Our eclectic 13th season of Doctor Whooch rolls on with a brand new Companions episode, featuring Paul Gifford of Drink This Pod! Danica and Brandon and Paul watch "Vincent and the Doctor" from Matt Smith's first season, and WOW is there a lot of feelings in there. Depression sucks, folks! And reach out if you need to.

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In which we learn that Danica takes nicknames very seriously.

We're in the midst of the dry season (also known as "all of 2019, probably) with no new Doctor Who television content in sight, so we're continuing to explore the vast riches of other media... this time, with Big Finish audio! On this week's episode, we listen to an Eighth Doctor adventure, Blood of the Daleks, that has some similarities to a pair of episodes from the Russel "The" Davies run.

As always, if you haven't listened to the audio itself, don't worry! You'll get all the info you need, except drunk. It's fine. Trust us.

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In which the Slitheen return which... wow. WHY.

So hey, this is an episode about daddies - but strangely, Tennant is nowhere to be seen? What sorcery is this? It's the second batch of The Sarah Jane Adventures - "The Revenge of the Slitheen". And there is a baby. It is... horrifying. So. Yeah.

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In which we eat our mistakes.

On this perfectly normal episode of Doctor Whooch, Danica and Brandon are digging into The Sarah Jane Adventures with "Invasion of the Bane!" Grab your legitimate sodas and your rad kicks as we dig into what was the absolute opposite of Torchwood during the Russell "The" Davies era of Doctor Who.

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In which we have completely normal conversations about past Doctors ha ha ha no YOU'RE making it weird.

On this entirely normal edition of Doctor Whooch, Danica and Brandon celebrate by not making anything weird at all while watching "School Reunion" once more. They do this for a reason. Listen to the episode! And do not send us human meat.

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In which we doom all Gregs to their sad, stupid lives for good. #NotAllGregs

On this fine, upstanding episode, Danica and Brandon are talking about ALLLLLLLL of Series 11, featuring the 13th Doctor and her best friends. Her fam. Through the fog of a lot of damn alcohol, they manage to crystallize some opinions about how Chibnall runs the show, in contrast to Russell "The" Davies and Steven "Garbage Panda" Moffat. They are very nice about it, and no one is cussed at. No one. Not even you.

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In which we have NO idea what ASMR is, but we sure do have some guesses.

Welcome to 2019, jerks! Danica and Brandon are kicking the year off with their take on "Resolution", the best Doctor Who episode of 2019. Spoiler alert: the villain is not humanity this time - humanity, empathy and love, are the cure. Also there's stuff about families and relationships and being a person in there. It's pretty good.

Always punch Nazis, thanks byeeeeee.

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In which we bid a fond farewell to the fam.

On this week's show, Danica and Brandon watched "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos" and they have some thoughts! Mostly about character development through the season, but partly on the show's continuing efforts to confront ideas that are really tearing down society. Like organized religion! Yayyy!

Outro music is "TV" by Colleen Brown

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In which Norwegian Erik is a terrible father.

Seriously. Just the worst.

On this week's show, Danica and Brandon discuss "It Takes You Away", in which an idiot makes a lot of terrible life choices, and then has to be saved from destroying all of existence. Could you imagine? "Oh, how did the universe end. With the Time War? Some bullshit with the Daleks? Nah, it was Erik, who wanted a couple more dirty smooches."

GTFO of here, Erik. You dummy.

Outro music is "Ribbons" by Ingrid Michaelson

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